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Captioning Challenge

To prepare for possible capture of sessions at future ASSETS conferences for later use, we want to explore approaches to captioning recordings of sessions. Because this is an active area of research for a number of groups in the ASSETS community, we invite participants for a challenge to be held at ASSETS 2014 in which teams will use their technology to caption one or more of the sessions. Our aim is to promote research that will make it possible for ASSETS, and other organizations, to create captions of good quality at very low cost. To encourage participation, we intend to keep the terms of the competition flexible, and we invite input from prospective entrants in defining such aspects of the effort as the form of capture of the session(s), and the measures to be used in evaluating the results.

If you are interested in participating, please contact the Captioning Challenge Chair, Raja Kushalnalgar, at caption-assets14@acm.org

Photo used under creative commons