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Text-Entry Challenge

Alternatives to the traditional way of entering text into a computer - which typically involves a standard manual keyboard - have been developed in the past. Unfortunately, many approaches in this area are not yet really suitable for practical use. Although representing promising ideas in lab experiments, many of them are not usable by the users who need them. The goals of the text entry challenge are to present an overview of current solutions and to foster the development of practically usable systems. Demo submissions are invited and must describe the detail about the input method/algorithm and the corresponding implementation.

Submission Guidelines

2-page papers should be submitted using the ACM conference format. At least one author of accepted submission must come to the conference and to demo their system. If there is more than one submission, a ballot of attendees will be used to choose the system that best meets the challenge (not necessarily the fastest system) and the result will be announced at the Closing of ASSETS 2014.

The authors of all of the submitted systems will be invited to write a proposal for a joint paper to be submitted for review to TACCESS Special Issue of ASSETS 2014.

Important Dates

How to Submit

Please submit your proposals via the Demo section of the conference submission site.

How to Submit

For further information or any questions regarding the event or submissions, please contact the Text Entry Challenge Chair - Torsten Felzer.

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