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Travel Information

Getting to Rochester

Rochester is an easy city to reach, with an International Airport, Amtrak station, Megabus & Greyhound services, and more! Detailed information on how to reach Rochester via these methods, as well as driving directions, are available on RocWiki.

Getting to the Conference

Transportation to and from the Greater Rochester International Airport, is provided by the Hyatt for registered guests between 6am and 11pm, and is wheelchair-accessible. You can call the hotel directly from the airport courtesy telephones to arrange pickup, and more information is available on the hotel's website. Many other hotels in the downtown area provide similar services.

Alternatively, you can utilize public transportation or cab services. Two bus lines (the 2/2X and 4/4X) travel directly from the airport to the Hyatt, and fares are $1 per ride. Buses are also available from the Amtrak and bus stations, with schedules and more information on RGRTA's website. Cab services are also available from the airport - rides should take about 15 minutes and cost around $25.

Other Questions or Arrangements

If you have other questions about the city of Rochester or need help making arrangements, please feel free to contact our Local Arrangements Chair, Stephanie Ludi, or our Student Volunteer Chair, Erin Brady.

You can also find information about attractions, restaurants, and more on RocWiki, a user-generated guide to Rochester. We're so excited to see you in October!

Photo used under creative commons